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Good Deeds and Dirty Rags

Goodbye Mr. MacKenzie released their first album, Good Deeds and Dirty Rags, in 1989. It entered the UK charts at No.16 and the band quickly attracted a large, loyal support north of the border. Incredible live shows and singles like the top 40 hit ‘The Rattler’, in particular, further cemented a fond place in many a Scottish heart.

A colourful and varied career followed that involved amongstother things, releasing 2 more major label albums, further UK singles chart positions, working and recording with members of the Talking Heads, and touring and playing with bands like Blondie, The Ramones, BAD, Afghan Whigs etc.

As The List said in their 50 Greatest Scottish Bands review: “The MacKenzies left behind the most complex and fascinating footprint of any Scottish Band. Live they were stunning. Lead singer Martin Metcalfe looked like the MC of a particularly debauched cabaret troupe. While their Scottish counterparts were looking at soul and Steeleye Dan for inspiration the MacKenzies were taking theirs from the Pixies and the Birthday Party.

Goodbye Mr. MacKenzie said earlier: “The band is very happy to announce we are reforming to perform our Good Deeds and Dirty Rags UK chart album in its entirety. This album was a very important part of our lives and we’re looking forward to doing it justice on stage again’’.


Anniversary gig reviews

'A staggering thrill-ride, a phenomenally unforgettable evening. Looking around the venue as we were leaving there were stunned faces all around, as if no-one could believe what they had just witnessed. Talking to a few folks immediately after, to a person, they found it almost impossible to put their feelings into words, such was the spectacle they had just witnessed. Goodbye Mr MacKenzie, one of the most under-rated bands ever, they should have been massive worldwide.

Tonight, though, it was enough that they were once again the victorious, all-conquering heroes of Glasgow, they came to this city already loved, they left having ascended to a place in our hearts and minds that very few can achieve.'

Louder Than War

'This gig was nothing but a triumph.....a great night, maybe the gig of the year so far – and heritage rock can fuck off, this is something else!'


'It is more than 20 years since Goodbye Mr Mackenzie last played live in the Capital so a lot was riding on the first of two sold-out nights at the Liquid Room on Saturday, where Martin Metcalfe and company cranked up the volume to prove they’ve lost none of their fire and brimstone with an electrifying set. Finishing with their iconic 1991 single Now We Are Married, it was time for Edinburgh to roar its love for Goodbye Mr Mackenzie one last time.' 5 star review

The Scotsman


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The Rattler

Blacker than black

Now we are married

Goodbye Mr Mackenzie

Goodbye mr mackenzie